About Us


The Saudi Bugshan is one of the largest empires based in Saudi Arabia with its operations spreading into several countries in the Middle East and North Africa such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Yemen. The Group is family owned and managed, which has been responding dynamically to MENA regions impressive economic growth.


  • Part of the Bugshan group of companies.
  • Very strong financial standing.
  • Building the future with partners with a long term vision of mutual benefit (winwin).
  • Proven track record in dealing with world leading companies and brands.
  • Highly professional business relations with: The Principals, The Trade, The Local And National Authorities, Own Personnel.

Several facts about Bugshan Group

  • BUGSHAN is a house hold name in Saudi.
  • Bugshan family is known for its generosity & hospitality.
  • They are sixth richest among Arab business houses.
  • Bugshan is the most trusted name among the Arab & European business community.